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Review- Evan Evina Dual Metal Wrist Cuffs

I have been lusting over the THP bound cuffs for what seemed like an eternity. They seemed perfect- simple, clean and timeless.


At  US $169, I thought the price was reasonable for statement jewellery, however the deterrent was the high shipping cost to Australia  of around US $50.  In this globalised, online world, I figured there must be another stockist of these cuffs. A google search appeared to prove me wrong.

However the adage, good things come to those who wait,  is right!  Around 6 months later I stumbled upon the Australian shop Evan Evina through instagram and lo and behold they stocked these cuffs for the bargain basement price of AUD $40!  Amazeballs.

I made a quick purchase, and 3 days later the cuffs arrived.

There were a couple of surprises when I opened them up. First  the packaging- they came in a padded  zip lock case.  I had never seen jewellery packaged like this before, however appreciated the packaging as it protected the cuffs from scratches.



Second- the weight and make. The cuffs are very sturdy and are actually quite heavy,  The quality surpassed my expectations for the price I paid.

Third- 2 Allen keys are provided,  which are used to unlock  the cuffs. Hilarious! Did Ikea design these things?







Practically, speaking they’re not the most convenient piece of jewellery. It’s a bit of an effort to open and close them. And for people who are not very dextrous, you will need someone to help you put them on and take them off. (Can you imagine wearing these and going through security at the airport? lol). The cuffs are also quite heavy, so they can feel a bit oppressive after a while and it may take a while to get used to the weight around your wrists.

If you lose the allen keys, you will probably need to make a trip to the hardware store to find replacements.

However the look of the cuffs is great and makes up for any inconveniences.  The mimimal, clean design will team well with any outfit and will definitely work for more than one season. Personally, I was very chuffed with this purchase and foresee myself wearing these a lot. Highly recommended.