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Review- Triangl Bikini

Launched in December 2012, Triangl swimwear has quickly become a favourite amongst fashion bloggers for their simple, yet striking designs and innovative use of neoprene in all their bikinis. If you search  #triangl on instagram, more than 56,000 posts will appear.

I’m not really a bikini girl (eversince I learnt to surf a couple of years back, I don’t really care what swimsuit I’m wearing as it is always covered up by a wetsuit), however with an impending trip to Malaysia, I thought it was time to invest in a new bikini.

Triangl is based in Hong Kong and as far as I am aware, there are no Australian stockists. The only way to purchase their bikinis is via their online site. With bikinis being one of those items that traditionally should be tried before buying, this may be a bit of a deterrent for shoppers. However to combat this Triangl’s website has detailed information on sizing and the fit of each style, as well as a 24 hour chat option.

After perusing the sizing, I ordered a size S in both the top and bottom for the twiggy stardust ollie neoprene in metallic black.

The package arrives from Hong Kong around 5 business days after purchasing. The bikini comes in a stylish black bag, perfect for storage and travelling. The material on the bikini feels thick and sturdy.


Twiggy stardust shown in size xs top and size s bottom

There is also a note with instructions on how to maintain your Triangl bikini.


I pull out the top and immediately realize I’ve purchased the wrong size- it looks way too big for my modest chest (A-B cup). Trying it on confirmed my fears. Word of advice, don’t be a dunce and misread the sizing on their website!!! Especially if you’re leaving for a holiday in a week and need a replacement to arrive prior to departure

The bottoms however are a good fit. For your reference, I am an  AUS 6-8, and generally wear a size 25-26 in jeans, depending on the brand.

I immediately email Triangl advising I would like to exchange the top for a size XS and query if it will arrive within the next week. Most company’s allow at least 24 hours before responding but Triangl surprisingly respond within a couple of minutes. I was extremely impressed as they advised that if I post back the top and email them the postage receipt as confirmation of postage, they would ship out the replacement size. Normally most companies would wait until they received the bikini before exchanging.

Props to their customer service for providing a solution to my timing predicament.

The bikini top arrives 3 days prior to my departure and fortunately the size xs is perfect. The top itself is flattering from the front-however due to my lack of boobage, I feel tends to flatten my chest side on.


And how does the bikini measure up in actual use?

I found it to be comfortable whilst swimming and it stayed in place (not sure how it would fare in surf though). The bottoms however did expand a little in the pool and due to the neoprene material, water tended to get caught in the bottoms, which was a little bit annoying.








All in all though, I am a very happy customer. The bikini looks great, the price is very reasonable, and the customer service was a treat